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Amazon orders in the trolls.

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, is not phased by much, but when workers at one of its biggest warehouses in the United States started to organise to join a union, the tech shopping monster lost the plot. 
Jessa Crispin is an independent journalist in the US. She has has been writing about workers at Amazon for a number of years. She joins from Francis and Sally to discuss the campaign by workers at Amazon, and the company’s attempts online to go full Trump with a strategy of trolling its critics.

Also – can you really teach empathy in the workplace?
Derek Linsell is the founder and CEO of Apricot Consulting, a company dedicated to improving cultures and behaviour within organisations and institutions. He joins us to discuss the sudden demand for the “empathy coach”, and what it takes to turn around organisations that have poor workplace cultures. 

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