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Sean Richards, tour manager for Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel and more

The music industry’s touring sector took a hit when the bushfires swept through eastern Australian states in 2019.

Then the global pandemic happened.

In March 2020, for Sean and the industry, the music stopped.

Sean says that in the touring industry he often hears “of another company or another worker, who’s not going to make it across the line financially or has found it, pivoted into another job and not gonna come back because they found something that’s more secure, or they’re just their anxiety can’t cope with it working in a seasonal job anymore.”

The pandemic has affected about 2 years worth of touring work already.

Music and the jobs involved in touring are seasonal, many are sole traders or casual and were left unable to access JobKeeper support from the Federal Government.

In the meantime he’s taken a job in traffic management. Quite an adjustment to have a job that finishes at a specific time and he can kick his feet up at the end of the day. There’s no responsibilities when he’s off the clock.

But he’s working on a return as a version of normal coalesces.


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