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For tens of thousands of Australian artists and performers, their livelihoods came to a screeching halt when COVID19 struck in early 2020.

Many of them have yet to return to the work they love, as the perils of performing in front of live audiences – the thing they love most – still prevents them from doing what they do best.

On this week’s episode, Francis and Sally chat with writer, director, producer, and performer Maeve Marsden to discuss how she, and others in the artistic community, are navigating the ongoing pandemic that has stalled their careers – at least for now. 

Maeve has produced, directed, and performed in a host of theatrical productions that have toured Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Maeve directs Queerstories, a national storytelling project with an award-winning podcast that has brought more than 250 writers to the stage at sold out events around the country, with a collection of stories Maeve edited, published by Hachette and launched at the Sydney Opera House in 2018.


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